Asset Tracking


Why RFID (Auto-ID) Tracking?

RFID is a solution that enables a nurse, a technician, or an authorized employee to easily determine the location of equipment, run queries or reports to provide inventory information, parametric searches, graphical representation to identify the location of the equipment or the asset, and also manage the service and maintenance of the equipment using any computer tied into the network.

The results of these applications are beginning to provide proof that using RFID technology in the healthcare industry, Manufacturing, Warehouse management etc. provides significant labour savings, improved efficiency, and a good return on investment.

RFID combined with mobile computing and Web technologies provide a better way for organizations to identify and manage their assets. Mobile computers, with integrated RFID readers, can now deliver a complete set of tools that eliminate paperwork. This approach eliminates manual data entry and delivers -

=> Real-time inventory stats

=> Real-time asset location using single click

=> Simplified dispatch/receiving process

=> Improved customer service

=> Optimized asset usage

=> Reduction of inventory inaccuracies

=> And many more benefits

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