Workforce Management

RFID combined with mobile computing and Web technologies provide a better way for organizations to identify and manage their assets and people. Mobile computers, with integrated RFID readers, can now deliver a complete set of tools that eliminate paperwork. This approach eliminates manual data entry and delivers -

=> Simplified time and attendance

=> Improved manpower costing

=> Optimized workforce usage

=> Alert notifications

=> Reduction of workforce inaccuracies

=> And many more benefits

Problems seen at work sites

=> How many companies’ workforce is on site now?

=> How many people are being supplied by different companies?

=> How many of this workforce is from different ethnicity?

=> How many of this workforce are female workers?

=> What’s the workforce trend from different zip codes?

=> How many hours are being put by each worker on site?

=> Where are workers on site now?

=> What’s the workforce supply trend over a period of time?

=> Where are the workers moving on site?

=> How worker times are trending over a time period?

=> How is workforce incident trend over a time period?

=> What assets are on site?

=> Which tools have not yet been returned and who have them?

=> And many more such issues…

Solutions provided by RFID

=> Better planning and management of human resources

=> Minimize payroll errors and cost of manual systems

=> Provide efficiency in payroll processing time

=> Avoid disputes with workforce and workforce supplying companies

=> Streamline sign-in/out process for staff

=> Ready to use compliance reports

=> Improved workforce/asset/tool utilization

=> Accurate, real-time counts are provided by tracking people on site

=> Provides better communication/visibility of workforce on site

=> Provides real time accountability of who is at site

=> Reduce conflicts with workforce supplying companies

=> Handle site emergencies promptly and efficiently

=> Expect immediate results with RFID

=> Find missing tools and custodian of them at a single click

=> And more…


=> Template based workforce configuration

=> Add people/Asset/tag from UI or import from file/database

=> Tag assignment using simple drag-drop

=> Create alerts/events for various exceptions (e.g.) worker arriving late on site, leaving early, making too many violations, moving around areas not part of job, not enough female workers on site etc.

=> Real time view of all people

=> Workforce information accessible from anywhere

=> System expandable to many sites any where

=> Tool check-in/check-out to workers simplified

=> And many more such features…

Some of the reports available in the application