Asset Management System
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Total Fixed Asset Management Solution

We assist in providing customers a comprehensive fixed assets management solution that includes asset management software system, asset verification exercise, and asset mobility tools. We work hard to help clients meet their fixed assets management objectives.

Fixed Asset Management System Implementation

The Hardcat asset management software system helps users improve the utilization, maintenance and financial management of a company’s asset inventory. With Hardcat, you have complete visibility of all the activities related to your assets. Hardcat provides you the intelligence to make certain decisions while protecting your business against financial and reputational loss. It is a proven and widely used system by numerous organisations worldwide (over 2000) for maintaining assets, property and evidence.

Your Return on Investment

Update your asset register with newly discovered assets

Better manage regulatory compliance with accurate data reporting

Missing or redundant assets can be identified and disposed

Proactively plan asset replacements for assets in poor condition or OH&S risk

Realise full depreciation, accountancy status and warranty entitlements with a complete picture of your assets

Reduce risk of business interruption by knowing where are your available assets

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