Calibration/Lab/Tooling Management Software
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Lab/Tooling/Calibration Management Software

The Indysoft client is the best-in-class software solution that is capable of improving the efficiency of your calibration processes, improving technician productivity and helping you meet regulatory standards. This versatile system includes functionalities for calibration management, tooling and parts management as well as preventive maintenance. Larger scale facilities have demanding tracking and inventory control requirements. Where calibration operations are performed, a system needs to be in place to track equipment calibration and related usage events. This is more so in the context of commercial labs dealing with multiple calibration orders day in day out. The Indysoft range of software products are well-positioned to meet these needs and delivery efficiencies into your processes. Experience the best-in-class software solutions to take your systems to the next level.

Your Return on Investment

Increase Productivity

• Reduce admin time with Easy-to-Use Equipment Templates, Navigation, Reports & Searching.

• Improve efficiency and accuracy with automatic calculation of uncertainty, read-time pass/fail data point readings and integrated barcoding.

Save Money

• Concurrent licensing - Install the software on UNLIMITED workstations

• ALL-IN-ONE solution includes Calibration, Tooling, Maintenance, Uncertainty and Trend Analysis Modules with every license.

Asset Management

• Inventory, Repair and Maintenance Tracking provide FULL VISIBILITY throughout the lifecycle of your assets.

• Streamline management with Automatic Asset Numbering, Data Validation, Historical Event Tracking, Location Awareness, Customized Scheduling and more.

Paperless Documentation

• Digital Access to all of the documentation necessary for compliance.

• Easily search for important information and documents through built-in search (user manuals, technical specifications, data sheets, due dates, reference standards, operations procedures, calibration certificates, etc.).

Fully Customizable

• Editing tools allow you to visually represent your processes with interactive flowcharts and design customized searches, reports, and views.

• Distribute customizations enterprise-wide, or mix-and-match per company, user, or security role.

Global Scalability

• Built to support organizations with multiple sites across multiple geographies operating in different languages and currencies.

• Centralized or per-facility workflows - all from one database.

• Multi-lingual

External Integrations

• Optimize planning with SAP/ERP system integration.

• Save time and reduce errors from dual entry with financial/accounting software integration.

• Create any number of integrations to improve operational efficiencies through an embedded customer-scripting environment.


• Meet regulatory or government-mandated requirements (E.g. FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ISO-9000, QS-9000, ISO 17025, ANSI Z640, ISO/TS 16949, AS9100, and more).

• Recorded user interactions preserve a complete audit trail.

•Supports all AIAG Measurement System Analysis Studies: R&R, Bias, Linearity, and Stability.

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