Fixed Asset Management Hardware

 As a comprehensive solution provider for fixed asset management, AMR assists with providing fixed asset management hardware to meet your fixed asset management objectives.

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Mobile Computers and Tablets

Take your must-haves - security, durability, performance - and match them with an interface that’s immediately intuitive and easy to use. From ergonomics to software and middleware, everything has been designed to accelerate productivity and improve decision-making at the point of work. Then, add on the broadest portfolio of purpose-built accessories. The result? Nonstop mobility that takes you further. That’s why Zebra is the indisputable global leader in enterprise mobile computing.

• Handheld Computers

• Enterprise Tablet

• Vehicle-Mounted Computers

• Wearable Computers

• RFID Handheld Computers

• Narrowband Digital Wireless

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Barcode Scanners and Imagers

Barcode Scanners and ImagersSpeed and Accuracy. You need them. Zebra excels in them. Any type of data. Any condition. Scan it right. Scan it fast. The first time, every time. But that’s just the start. Zebra goes beyond the barcode and delivers an unparalleled overall scanning experience, from configuring to deploying, from managing and troubleshooting to utilisation and insights. That’s why Zebra’s barcode scanners and imagers have led the industry for years.

• General Purpose Scanners

• 2D Imagers

• Ultra-Rugged Scanners

• Rugged Scanners

• Multi-Plane Scanners

• Fixed-Mount Scanners

• Healthcare Scanners

• Companion Scanners

asset management hardware printers


People. Products. Processes. No matter what you’re tracking or tagging, with barcodes or RFID, Zebra has the most advanced solutions. This legacy of innovation continues with best-of-breed desktop, industrial, card and mobile printers. And they’re embedded with software for remote management, easy integration and peak performance. Why choose any printer when you can have a complete printing solution? For that,the industry standard is Zebra.

• Industrial Printers

• Desktop Printers

• Mobile Printers

• Card Printers

• RFID Printers

• Kiosk Printers

• Print Engines