Lab/Calibration Management Software

Indysoft is the complete commercial lab/calibration management software package. Emphasizing security and flexibility, Indysoft offers large corporations and small operations a customizable system ready to meet their exacting needs. Indysoft delivers a power and flexible commercial lab/calibration management system that will help your company become more efficient while remaining reliable.


Product Types

Indysoft Calibration Management

This edition includes operations for companies that track equipment calibration and related usage events. Calibration sources can be internal, 3rd party or both. I

Indysoft Commercial Lab Management

This edition includes functionality to help run a commercial calibration lab. This version includes all the functionality found in Indysoft Calibration Management but extends to include a lab based equipment workflow, estimates and invoicing. A complete solution, CLM gives you visibility into your operations so you can make smarter strategic business decisions that will improve your productivity and save you money.


Core Features 

  • Event-Based Tracking System
  • Configurable flow charts of workflow
  • Associate Pictures of Equipment with Inventory
  • Display Employee ID Pictures at the Tool/Gauge Crib
  • Visual Gauge Trending Charts Calibration History Results
  • Unlimited Schedule Types for each Piece of Equipment
  • Document Revision Control
  • Only Record & View History Relevant to Your Own Department
  • Extensive Equipment Description Capabilities
  • "Smart" Searching Feature
  • Equipment Entry Validation
  • Multiple Searching Options
  • Easily Record History for Multiple Pieces of Equipment --With One Step
  • Equipment Finder - Allows for Unlimited Searching Capabilities
  • Supports New and Used Tolerances
  • Powerful Calibration Entry System
  • Track Parts & Labour with Repair/Service Wizard
  • Track Schedules Based on Accumulated Time or Parts Checked
  • Supports Offsite Calibration Work
  • Event Finder - Allows for Quick Searching of Equipment History
  • Integrated Work Order Tracking System
  • Tracks Child Equipment
  • Comprehensive On Line Help
  • Field Highlighting Increases Visibility


  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • Meets or Exceeds a Wide Range of Calibration Standards Specifications
  • Support for Calibration Uncertainty
  • Tracking
  • Forward & Reverse Traceability
  • AIAG based Gauge Studies
  • Forward & Reverse Traceability


  • Control System Access with Security Profiles
  • Built-In Sign Off System
  • User Access can be Set By Company/Plant
  • Audit Trail Option Details All Changes Made to the System Compliance
  • All Documents Are Protected From Unauthorized Editing


  • Fully Customizable Certificates, Worksheets & Stickers
  • Duplicate Existing Operations with Process Modelling
  • Create up to 18 Custom Attribute Fields For Specific Equipment Types
  • Customize Display Grids with Column Sorting and Grouping
  • Display And Arrange Current Equipment Information Windows
  • Design Your Own Historical Data Entry Screens
  • Customize Display Grids with Column Sorting and Grouping
  • Display And Arrange Current Equipment Information Windows
  • Multiple User Defined Fields and Status Indicators


  • Multiple Company & Plant Support
  • Three-Tier Technology Extends Your Network's Reach
  • True Enterprise Database Support
  • No Database Client Software Required on Three-Tier Systems
  • Connection Pooling, Load Balancing & Server Failover supported in Three-Tier Systems
  • Three-Tier Technology Decreases Limited Bandwidth Issues
  • Auto-Update Feature Reduces Deployment Costs
  • Client Executable can be Run From Central Server
  • Complete Integration with Tool InSite Tool Tracking


  • Alarm System Triggers E-Mailing of Reports, Visual Alarms, etc.
  • Automatic Equipment Numbering
  • Date Skipping Allowed for Equipment Scheduling
  • Equipment Templates Increase Accuracy & Speed Data Entry
  • Custom Rules Help Prevent Unauthorized Equipment Use
  • Full-featured Bar Code Support
  • Reduce Searches for Frequently Used Gauges with Gauge Bookmarks
  • Use Cloning to Quickly Duplicate Existing Equipment
  • Test Points Wizards Provide Easy Calibration Setup
  • Automatic Calibration Interval Adjustment
  • Global Editing of Equipment Allows for Fast & Easy Cleanup of Data
  • Real-time Temperature and Humidity Recording During Calibration
  • Charts Average Turnaround Time for Calibration & Repair
  • Tracks Vendor Performance




  • MS Office Integration
  • All Documents Created as Acrobat PDF Documents
  • RS-232 Interfacing of Equipment
  • Supports for Popular Calibration Sticker Printers
  • Gauge Navigator Network Communication
  • Calibration Import/Export
  • MAPI Compliant Email Capabilities
  • True Client/Server Database Connectivity
  • Exclusive Three-Tier Support for Wide Area Networks24x7 Capable -Backup Data while still Logged-In

Satisfied Clients

"Indysoft is absolutely the best calibration management software I have ever used! Indysoft is incredibly user-friendly, straightforward and packed with powerful customization features. Indysoft has streamlined calibration for me at two separate companies, helping me to pass through seven major calibration audits without a finding." 

Greg Kirschke, Quality Control Assistant Manager at Houston Precision Fasteners

"We love the product. I most like the ability to modify the software and use SQL to make it do exactly what we want."

Aaron Aldinger, Vice President at Aldinger Company

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