Document Management System

DocsVault is a document management system that allows you to make the best use of your data, operations and resources. As an all-in-one package, it helps to improve collaboration between team members, meet increasing customer demands, respond to internal and external changes better and ensure compliance with regulations. Extensive features include Scanning and Capture, Central Repository, Access Controls, Records Retention and Workflow over a full range of Document Management Tools such as Version Control, Document Profiling, Comprehensive Search and more! DocsVault Enterprise is what enterprises need to increase core efficiencies, reduce operational costs, streamline people and processes spread over different offices, ensure full control over actions and information, and above all, become more efficient!

electronic document management system

Key Defining Features

Inbuilt PDF Editor

Manipulate PDF documents by merging/splitting PDF documents, adding-deleting text & images or adding highlights, notes & custom stamps.

Fine-grained Security

Fine grained security settings such as System Level Rights, 'Ownership Overrides' and various user and group level file access rights.

360-degree Document Management 

Well rounded feature set with benefits beyond regular document management systems. 

Simple Workflow & Collaboration

Facilitates collaboration and boosts productivity with features like Online Task Management, Alerts, Public Shared Links, etc.

Audit Trail 

Track activities and query audit logs using time, user or location criteria and keep tab on all activities and changes within your repository.

Records Retention

Manage entire lifecycle of digital and physical records - from its safe storage, classification and circulation to its final authorized disposition.

Comprehen-sive Search Function

Find documents in one go with Docsvault's advanced search function that searches by various fields including text inside files.

Secure Online Document Management

Access documents anywhere using simple web browser while keeping full control over data by hosting it onsite on your servers.

Integrated Scanning, OCR & Searchable PDF

Scan paper documents and convert them to fully searchable PDFs with OCR add on.

Ms Office Integration

DocsVault is integrated with MS Office applications such as MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Outlook.

Your Return on Investment

Streamline People and Processes Across the Organisation

DocsVault offers a central repository system that can be accessed anytime, anywhere allowing organisations to make their documents  and tasks always available to their in-house staff, remote workers and workforce on the road. 

Improving Internal and External Sharing and Communication

DocsVault Enterprise Edition improves internal and external communication and sharing through features like Document Notes, Public Shared Links and Quick Email. This enhances collaboration among teams and eases sharing with associates outside the organisation. 

Ensuring Strong Control and Vigilance over Data Exchange

DocsVault offers multiple security features such as Access Control, Multi-Level Security, Audit Trail, User & User Group based Security, Reports and Export Prevention that ensure sentitive data is never leaked or destroyed. 

Compliance with Ever Increasing Regulatory Changes

DocsVault Enterprise provides necessary tools such as Records Retention, Audit Trail and Version Control, etc. to ensure regulatory compliance.

What Clients Say

"Disorganised filing systems were not allowing us to keep pace with company requirements. Docsvault provided solutions for this problem and greatly reduced reliance on paper records. It is very good for control of admin docs (email and MS Office docs). It is a good, no-fuss, cost-effective solution to document management. After a lot of research, we found Docsvault stood out from the rest when using this criteria."

Phil Talintyre, IT Manager, Whitney, Bailey, Cox & Magnani, LLC

"DV has cut our paper processing, made documents available across the board (no more missing files), and virtually eliminated our physical file storage issues. The integration with MS Office and ability to print  pdfs directly into and to email directly out of DV has improved workflow and increased productivity. " 

Pamela Olson, Manager, The Magellan Group LLC

"We wanted features like Version control and User Access & Permission control to sort the issues we faced. Docsvault allows the document history to be stored and audited and users to have control over the permissions of groups."

Sam Stoddart, IT Manager, MScience Marine Research