Fixed Asset Management Services

Our scope of fixed asset management services include fixed asset auditing (asset tagging, asset data reconciliation).

Our dedicated project team works hard to successfully conduct fixed asset auditing (verification) projects for clients. 

We employ a systematic approach to audit your fixed assets involving meticulous planning. We develop an understanding of your environment and needs to successfully and thoroughly audit your assets using proven methodology and audit tools.

Our fixed asset auditing services involve: 

1. Complete and comprehensive verification of all the physical fixed assets in the organisation

2. Asset tagging of fixed assets with labels

3. Collection of crucial fixed asset information

4. Reconciliation of "captured" fixed asset data on-the-ground with existing assets records


Your return on investment

We work hard to help clients meet their fixed assets management objectives. We have successfully completed fixed asset auditing projects for clients from a wide range of industry backgrounds.

ü Identification of lost or broken assets for immediate write-off

Lost assets pose risks to an organisation including but not limited to: inaccurate balance sheets, lost productivity, higher operating expenses from overpayment of taxes, insurance and service contracts, inaccurate asset capital expenditure budgeting. Broken assets may be unecessarily covered by service contracts. 

ü Identification of unregistered assets

Unregistered assets can cause a company to be undervalued and lead to inaccurate balance sheets. Maintenance operations may exclude unregistered assets, which leads to lack of maintenance and inspection history on these assets and affects risk assessment. Unregistered assets may also not be covered by insurance. From a financial perspective, inaccuracy in asset database affects capital allowance claims, insurance charges and profit figure reporting. 

ü Effectively monitor the useful life of assets and depreciation

ü With regular audits, identify the change in asset movement, quantity


Our recommended software solution

Sound fixed asset management needs to be complemented with the right system. Enhance your practice with our recommended solution!

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