Asset Tracking is Crucial for Healthcare Organisations

This article on our blog briefly covers the importance of asset tracking for healthcare organisations

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The Importance of Asset Tracking for Healthcare Organisations

Medical instruments and supplies are crucial to the functioning of healthcare organisations worldwide. Healthcare professionals need these items to be on hand, well-maintained and easily locatable. These crucial items need capable systems for tracking and management that provide advantages over outdated methods such as spreadsheets and physical documentation.  Without the optimal tracking of its assets, healthcare organisations face potential reputational lost and patient harm. Healthcare organisations stand to gain from unlocking the benefits that these systems provide such as those outlined below:

Continuously updated information on the availability of medical supplies enables professionals to take the necessary action to ensure there are sufficient stocks on hand and available when needed. Asset tracking systems provide a centralised, single source of inventory data that users can refer to and use to prevent medical supply shortfalls at the location.

Crucial medical equipment needs to be functioning and available on hand. Asset tracking systems enable the proper recording of the maintenance history of these assets (e.g. when these assets were last fixed, updated, inspected, replaced) to help professionals receive an updated view on the work history of the medical equipment.

Asset tracking systems with real-time monitoring capabilities enables professionals to pinpoint the location of their medical equipment so that precious time can be saved looking for the equipment.

More insightful decisions can be made when professionals are able to view equipment maintenance trends, asset utilization trends, contract management, budgeting, depreciation. For example, organisations can avoid repurchasing assets they already own. When monitoring the history of asset repairs, organisations can manage their service contracts accordingly.

 With built-in audit trail features, users of medical equipment can be identified and made responsible over assets. 

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